The camp program is planned and supervised by full-time staff members of Camp Fish Tales. Staff members have diverse educational and employment backgrounds and many years of experience working with people who have disabilities. Staff members include:

Executive Director – Beth Dow
Dow is the former executive director of the Disability Services Resource Center and previously served the Muscular Dystrophy Association as health care service and camp coordinator. “I look forward to serving the disability community and leading a new team in creating accessible and incredible camping experiences,” Dow said in a press release. “I am thrilled and honored to help write the next chapter of Camp Fish Tales history.”

Camp Director

Administrative Assistant


Food Service


Summer Staff

Numerous others join us for our summer programs.

Summer staff members are hired after undergoing a careful application and screening process. Adults (age 18 and over) serve as counselors and activity leaders. Service and support positions are filled by adults and teens (age 16 and over). The entire staff attends a thorough pre-camp orientation program. To further provide quality care for our campers and adult guests, the overall camper-to-staff ratio is typically 1:1 or occasionally 1:2.  We never have more than 2 campers with one staff member.

Cooperative Programs

For the past five years Camp Fish Tales has offered a work experience program, for students with disabilities, in cooperation with the Disability Network of Mid-Michigan.  Each summer 16-20 students gain experience in team work, responsibility and receive job skills training.  The Disability Network of Mid-Michigan also brings young adults up to the camp for a fishing trip and for one night of camping during a break week for the camp.

Employment Application  pdf (PDF version) – learn how you can be a part of our summer camp.
Employment Application Microsoft word icon (Word version) – learn how you can be a part of our summer camp.

Please mail application to:
Camp Fish Tales – Employment Application
Camp Director
2177 E. Erickson Road
Pinconning, MI 48650

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