THE MIDLAND DAILY NEWS – (August 18, 2016) – Camp Fish Tales has overcome challenges and welcomed campers back this summer for some fun in Pinconning.

About 100 campers with both developmental and physical disabilities from across Michigan enjoyed six weeks of swimming, crafting, exercise and more at the 67-acre property in Bay County.

The camp provides an important service for families in our region and we are glad to see that continue.

The future of the camp had been up in the air after an embezzlement case was brought to light in 2015. The loss of funds meant a conversation on whether Camp Fish Tales could continue, and if it still had the community’s support despite the controversy.

The board proceeded cautiously, with the hope that the camp for people with disabilities could once again open for business.

The board of directors changed and hired a new executive director — Beth Dow — and the community stepped up to show its support.

Those who have supported the camp through this hard time have contributed to making a positive difference in the lives of people in our communities.

Typical camp activities are augmented by specialized equipment, including wheelchair swings and a handicap-friendly boardwalk along the property’s pond, to offer everyone a chance at fun.

“They’re kind, they’re happy, they’re grateful,” April Douglass, camp director, said about the campers. “They’re happy to be here for their vacation.”

After a time of transition, it is encouraging to see that the future looks much brighter for Camp Fish Tales.