Dear Friends of Camp Fish Tales:


Beth Dow, Executive Director - Camp Fish Tales

Beth A. Dow, Executive Director – Camp Fish Tales

Plans have begun for Summer Camp 2017. Our schedule has been set. We are searching for Summer Camp Counselors and Volunteers. Joining Camp Fish Tales (CFT) as an employee or intern will give you the opportunity to model, mentor, and empower individuals with disabilities, helping them develop their skills and independence through community inclusion and participation. Together, we can give child and adult campers with special needs the tools they need to interact and develop skills that enhance their health, abilities, independence and quality of life.

Working at CAMP FISH TALES provides a number of unique benefits: CFT serves campers of all ages and abilities, giving staff a wide variety of job experience that will serve them well when they enter the job market. The skills and knowledge you will acquire are transferable to other employment settings, especially those in the human services professions. Working at CFT is ideal preparation for a career in special education, PT, OT, recreation therapy, psychology, social work, nursing, and medicine. We provide ongoing feedback from a direct supervisor and/or the Director of Program Services.

Internship and field wok opportunities with CFT provide experiential learning by integrating knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. We expose interns to the human service arena and its culture. We will also introduce you to organizational structure and conduct, best practices, and special projects as applicable to internship requirements.

Summer Camp Counselors are responsible for creating and establishing the “cabin unit.” They are responsible for helping the campers to create a summer which will last a lifetime! Counselors are responsible for the hands-on physical care of campers (feeding, clothing, etc.) and for establishing friendships with the campers. A cabin consists of no more than fifteen campers with six staff in each cabin. The camper-to-staff ratio is 1:3.

CFT seeks staff members who are a minimum of eighteen years of age. High preference is given to individuals majoring in fields related to the human services, including special education, therapy, psychology, social work and medicine.  We look for mature, enthusiastic, responsible, selfless, and caring individuals. We are interested in a balance of returning staff and new staff, people experienced in working with the disabled and those seeking out the experience for the first time. CFT is an equal opportunity employer.

If you have the right stuff and want to have the summer of your life, please contact us for an application. We can be reached at 989-879-5199 or the application is available for download: