“I was given a chance. A chance to go back and do what I love, a chance to prove myself, a chance to change lives. I am so thankful for this chance because without it I wouldn’t have made so many friends, so many memories, I wouldn’t have cried so many tears out of love, and I wouldn’t have been able to make the differences I have made in so many lives.” Tara Reed

“I’ve been living out of a suitcase for the summer due to an amazing job. The first week with this suitcase, I was quiet, shy, and unsure if I wanted to keep doing this. But now, at the end of the season, I look back and I thank the Lord for guiding me to stay. I’ve seen all the things living out of a suitcase does for you. You meet people with the same passions, the same willing- ness to take on challenges. It’s brought me some of the greatest friends I have ever known. Most of all, living out of a suitcase this summer has taught me a lot about myself and has shown me that caring for others is one of the greatest privileges in the world.” Taylor Pajak

“Ten weeks ago I started a job that I was scared about, a job that was going to help me decide if I could handle the career. I will never forget the summer I had at camp fish tales the people I met and the friend- ships I made. Thank you fish tales for the best summer I’ve had.” Kristy A Fair